Religious Education

The Religious Education for Children Committee has been reorganized as the Religious Education Subcommittee of Ministry Commitee.

At the same time its scope has been broadened to include the education of adults as well as of children.  This occurred as part of a broader restructuring of PYM approved at Annual Session 2017.

This page contains reports and materials produced by the former Religious Education for Children Committee, as well as materials offered by the new Subcommittee for all ages.

Religious Education Resources

For Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends of All Ages 

Whatever your needs, or your meeting’s needs, they are probably not unique. Others have also experienced them, thought about them, developed and implemented initiatives and programs around them. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! The internet allows us to connect with the thinking of the wider world of Quakers, including many road-tested programs. The document below describes some that have come to our attention so far; tell us about your favorites, and about what’s worked for you or your meeting!

Art by Maggie Nelson

Committee Reports


Contact Information

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See the PYM Roster of Officeholders for a complete list of PYM officers, appointees, committee members, and delegates.

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