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This page contains contact information for a number of key functions within PacYM.  For a complete list of all PacYM role-holders see the PacYM Roster page.

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Who’s Who

The Roster

See the Roster of PacYM Officeholders for a complete list all PacYM officers, appointees, committees, committee members and delegates.  Contact information is listed in the Roster (as well as below on this page) for those positions which have role-based email addresses.

The Directory

A Directory of PacYM Members and Attenders is available to members and attenders of monthly meetings and worship groups within PacYM.  The Directory is not available for use outside of the PacYM community.  The two Quarterly Meetings within PacYM (see below) also publish directories of their members and attenders.  These directories can be used to contact individuals listed in the Roster who do not have role-based addresses.

Get Involved

The year-around work of Pacific Yearly Meeting is conducted almost entirely by volunteers. Without the many, many volunteers listed in the Roster none of it would happen. Working on committees is also a great way to enlarge your circle of F/friends beyond your local community.  For more information about PacYM committees and the nominating process (including how to volunteer to serve PacYM), see the Get Involved page.


Presiding Clerk

Assistant to the Clerk

Administrative Assistant

Official Business Mailing Address

  • Pacific Yearly Meeting
    5125 Buckboard Way
    El Sobrante, CA 94803-3809
  • Donations to PacYM and other financial matters may also be sent to “PacYM Treasurer” at this same address.


Officially Jan and George are both co-Historian/Archivists, but their emphases are:
Jan Tappan, Historian <no role-based email address>
George Mills, Archivist <>

Annual Session Registrar

Statistical Clerks


Youth Programs Coordinator


Arrangements Committee

Communications Committee

The PacYM website (this site) is under the care of Communications Committee.


      • Website content issues: <>, for example to report  erroneous or stale information on this site, or to submit material to be posted. (current editors: Keenan Lorenzato, Bronwen Hillman, Sherri Sisson, Susan Rahn, George Mills)
      • Website technical issues: <>, for example to report broken links, malfunctioning menus, or pages that don’t display properly on your device.

Finance Committee

Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee

Nominating Committee

Peace and Social Order Committee

Young Adult Friends

Social Media

  • Social media links can be found on our links page.

Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups

    • List of Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups within PacYM.
    • Many of these meetings and groups maintain their own websites with contact information and meeting times.  The list includes links to the websites that we know about.

Quarterly Meetings