Communications and Membership Database and Directory

This page provides access to services related to the PacYM Communications and Membership Database and the associated derived products: the Directory of Members and Attenders and the various email distribution lists.

About the Database and the Directory

Pacific Yearly Meeting has a long history of laboring with how to support communication within the Yearly Meeting.   By Annual Session 2017 the Electronic Communications Subcommittee had drafted a detailed proposal and set of requirements for a communications and membership database for the whole yearly meeting. The purpose of the database is three-fold:

    • Directory: to allow individual Friends to easily find and communicate with each other through the creation of a Pacific Yearly Meeting-wide directory;
    • Email lists: to allow groups of  Friends to communicate with each other easily through the development of email distribution lists; and
    • Membership database: to provide Pacific Yearly Meeting’s statistical clerk(s) with a current count of members, by name and monthly meeting.

Refinement of the proposal was continued by the newly-formed Communications Committee over the next several years.  In 2020 Representative Committee united with this leading, as recorded in Minute RC 2020-11. The PacYM Communications and Membership Database has been under development since then.

The PacYM Directory of Members and Attenders (“the Directory”) contains contact information from the database only for those individuals who have agreed to have their information published in this way.  Thus the Directory is not a complete listing of the database.  Management and use of the data housed in the PacYM Communications and Membership Database is subject to policies which you will find on the Communications Committee web page.

Obtaining the Directory

The Directory is available for use by members and attenders of monthly meetings and worship groups within Pacific Yearly Meeting and by Friends serving on Pacific Yearly Meeting committees.  It is not to be shared beyond this community.

The Directory may be downloaded from the following password-protected page:  The password has been given to the official PacYM Directory contact person for each monthly meeting.  To obtain it, ask at your local meeting.  (Trouble-shooting: the pw is all lowercase with no spaces.)

Email Distribution Lists

An email distribution list is a technology that allows a person to send an email message to many email addresses at once by sending it to a single group address. Communications Committee creates and maintains email lists using information from the PacYM Communications and Membership Database. These lists are intended to strengthen our community by enabling Friends with similar ministries to communicate with each other and by helping PacYM officers and committees to share important information with the yearly meeting body.

There are two types of email lists: announcement lists, which allow one-way communication of information, and discussion lists, which allow back-and-forth conversation.  Each is described below.

Announcement Lists

Only appropriate PacYM officers, committee clerks, and PacYM employees can send emails to announcement lists, using their official PacYM role-based emails.

PacYM Friends will be included in these lists on an opt-out basis; everyone who has an email address listed in the communications and membership database and has consented to receive emails pertaining to the yearly meeting will be automatically put on relevant announcement lists, with the option to unsubscribe given at the bottom of each message.

Currently, announcement lists include:

  • Monthly Meeting Clerks List (ADDRESS)
  • Monthly Meeting Representatives to PacYM List (ADDRESS)

Discussion Lists

Discussion lists allow anyone who is on the list to send emails to the list. Friends are asked to “clerk themselves” when composing emails to discussion lists, caring for the community by considering whether the content is kind, necessary, true, and relevant to the particular list.

Friends will be included in these lists on an opt-in basis; an appropriate PacYM officer, committee clerk, or employee will send an invitation to Friends identified in the Communications and Membership Database (or otherwise self-identified) as potentially having an interest in participating. Those that do choose to join will then be added to the list, with the option to unsubscribe given at the bottom of each email if they change their mind.

Currently, discussion lists include:

  • coming soon

Updating Your Information or Subscriptions

Instructions for how to add or correct information in the Database, to change whether and which information about you is published in the Directory, or to add or remove yourself from an email distribution list.

Database or Directory

Note that inclusion in the database does not automatically imply inclusion in the PacYM Directory of Members and Attenders.  In the submission or update form you are given the opportunity to indicate whether you want your information from the Database to be published in the Directory.

  • New Adult Entry – Use this form to submit information for a new adult (age 18 or older) to add to the Communications and Membership Database.
  • New Youth EntryUse this form to submit information for a new young person (under age 18) to add to the Communications and Membership Database.
  • Update Existing Entry – Use this form to update or correct information for an individual who is already entered in the database.

Email Lists

To request to be added to an email distribution list, contact the Database Manager at <>.  To remove yourself from a list, you can either click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of an email you received from the list or send an email to the Database Manager at the above address.