Annual Session and RepCom Pages

This page contains links to the “information pages” for Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions (AS) and Representative Committee (RepCom) meetings. These pages contain information that is not necessarily available in the minutes packets, such as the overall session program, interest groups, and so forth.

For information about the PacYM Annual Sessions in general, please see the Annual Session Information page. For direct access to the AS and RepCom minutes for all years of PacYM starting in 1947, please see the PacYM Minutes page.

Links to Yearly Information Pages

Annual Session Information web pages have been created yearly since 2011; those for Representative Committee meetings only since 2013.

Year RepCom Info Page Annual Session Info Page
2022 – 76th AS RepCom 2022 Info Page AS 2022 Info Page
2021 – 75th AS RepCom 2021 Info Page AS 2021 Info Page
2020 – 74th AS RepCom 2020 Info Page AS 2020 Info Page
2019 – 73rd AS RepCom 2019 Info Page AS 2019 Info Page
2018 – 72nd AS RepCom 2018 Info Page AS 2018 Info Page
2017 – 71st AS RepCom 2017 Info Page AS 2017 Info Page
2016 – 70th AS RepCom 2016 Info Page AS 2016 Info Page
2015 – 69th AS RepCom 2015 Info Page AS 2015 Info Page
2014 – 68th AS RepCom 2014 Info Page AS 2014 Info Page
2013 – 67th AS RepCom 2013 Info Page AS 2013 Info Page
2012 – 66th AS none AS 2012 Info Page
2011 – 65th AS none AS 2011 Info Page

Miscellaneous Related Files

Miscellaneous files from earlier years linked here, for lack of a better place to put them.  These are files that didn’t make it into the formal minutes but informed the Annual Session in one way or another and would have been linked from the “Info Page” for that year had one existed.


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