2017 Annual Session Information

Pacific Yearly Meeting’s 2017 Annual Session was held at Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, CA, USA, from Friday, July 14 through Wednesday, July 19, 2017.  Please see the Annual Session Information page for information about PYM Annual Sessions in general.

This page contains announcements, committee reports for, and minutes from the 2017 Annual Session. There are also links to information and documents that were relevant primarily before and during the session itself but are now largely of “historical interest” only.

Click on any item in the Table of Contents to jump to that section.  Reports are organized alphabetically by committee/officer.

Clerk’s Call



Committee/Officer Reports

Most of the reports linked below are also included as attachments to the Minutes (above).

Arrangements Committee

Children’s Program Committee

Discipline (Faith & Practice Revision) Committee

Finance Committee & Treasurer

Holding Corporation

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) Committee

Latin American Concerns Committee

Ministry & Oversight Committee

Note: Nominating slates here are proposals brought for approval at Annual Session.  They typically go through multiple revisions in the course of the session as additional nominees are found.  See the Nominating Committee page for a cleaner version of the final approved roster as of close of session and for any updates that have been posted since then.

Peace and Social Order Committee


Secretariat Committee

Statistical Clerk


  • See “Finance Committee & Treasurer” above

Unity with Nature Committee

Visiting Friend

  • Laid down for now. See Ministry & Oversight report from 2016.

Young Adult Friends

Youth Programs Coordinating Committee & YP Coordinator

Reports from Outside Organizations & from PYM Representatives to Outside Organizations

American Friends Service Committee

Earthlight Bookstore

Friends Committee on Legislation of California

  • FCLCA Report to PYM Annual Session 2017
  • Trivia point for quibblers (like me): The acronym for this organization has gone through some evolution in recent years, but has now (apparently) settled on FCLCA rather than any of FCL, FCL/CA or FCL-CA.  Just remember: “no slash, no dash”.

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Friends General Conference – Central Committee

Friends World Committee for Consultation

Quaker Oaks Farm

Epistles from other Yearly Meetings

The following epistles (or excerpts from them) were read at various plenary sessions

Daily Miracle

The bulletin distributed each morning at Annual Session with schedules, announcements and other information pertinent to attenders as well as Friends generally.

Before the Session

Information and documents that were important before the session got underway

During the Session

Documents that were relevant while the session was underway but are now primarily “just history”.

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