Minutes of Social Concern

Social Concern Minutes are one way our voice of conscience can be made public. They are also a way in which we can express our ideals, witness and narrate the struggles of our time, and can hold ourselves more accountable. Providing hope and moral vision is never to be underestimated.

A Minute of Social Concern expresses the unity of a Meeting around an issue of social justice, usually with a call to action. Meetings are encouraged to share their Minutes of Social Concern so that others may also consider them.

When a Minute of Social Concern is approved by your Monthly Meeting or other Friends body, please prepare the minute using the Social Concern Minute TEMPLATE and email it as a .docx (Word) file to peaceandsocialorderclerk@pacificyearlymeeting.org. We will convert the file into a .pdf and post it in the archive below.

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