News Archive

This page contains “news snippets” that have appeared on the Home page of the website but are deemed to have “timed out”.


  • The 2022 Annual Session Epistles, Attenders List and Minutes are now all posted on the website.
  • Annual Session 2022 took place July 22-27.  Information is available on the 2022 AS Info page.
  • Representative Committee 2022 meeting (“RepCom 2022”) took place February 25 & 26 and March 5, 2022, via Zoom. Reports and other materials are posted on the RepCom 2022 Information Page.  Minutes are posted on the PYM Minutes page.
  • Friends General Conference Spring Hybrid Retreat for Friends of Color to take place May 13-15, 2022.  Info here.


  • Please welcome Bronwen Hillman as PacYM’s new Administrative Assistant.  (11/29/2021)
  • Job Opening: PacYM is seeking a part-time administrative assistant.  See details here. (9/17/2021)
  • The minutes for Annual Session 2021 are now available on the PYM Minutes page.  The Attenders List is also available for registered attenders on the AS LIVE 2021 page.  (9/16/2021)
  • Fall Family Fellowship: Oct 9-10th we will host a family and teen gathering at Woolman (Sierra Friends Center). We’ve rented out all the A frames and will practice social distancing while still gathering. The entire event is pay as lead. To register click here.
  • PacYM Annual Session 2021  took place online, July 23-28, 2021. Clerk’s Call to Annual Session 2021.  Information is on the 2021 AS Info page.
  • We are sad to report that Sharon Gates, the Assistant to the Clerk, passed away early Tuesday morning, July 13, surrounded by her family.  In the last several months she had valiantly pursued treatment of recurrent cancer.  Sharon contributed mightily to Pacific Yearly Meeting in her role as Assistant to the Clerk and a member of the Communications Committee for the last 4 years.  — Dear Community, grieve well and please take care of yourselves.  Sandy. (7/13/2021)
  • Announcing our first ever Retreat for Friends of Color, July 17.  Info here. (7/7/2021)
  • The new Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee of the Ministry Committee now has a web page on this site. They are conducting a survey (deadline extended to July 31) of meetings/orgs/committees; asking for recommendations for members and advisors/accountability partners; and providing resources, promoting action, and facilitating connections. More information here.  (5/20/2021)
  • Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group1st Mondays @7:00 pm. More information here.
  • Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group: the Unity with Nature Committee, Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee, and the Youth Programs Coordinating Committee of Pacific Yearly Meeting invite you to the Bi-Monthly Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group on 1st and 3rd Mondays @7:00pm PDT. More information here.
  • PacYM welcomes our new Youth Programs Coordinator, Keenan Lorenzato, who began in that role on March 15. Learn about Keenan here. (2/26/2021)
  • Representative Committee met Feb 26&27 and March 6, 2021See the RepCom 2021 info page for more.  Minutes are on the PYM Minutes page.  (3/7/2021 & 4/5/2021)
  • RepCom 2021 Minutes Packet has been posted to the PYM Minutes page. (4/5/2021)
  • The dates for Annual Session 2021 have been set: July 23-28, 2021.  See the Clerk’s Call to Annual Session 2021 and the AS 2021 Information Page for more information. (2/4/2021)
  • Threshing Session on a Recommendation for a Paid Administrative Position to Support the Work of PacYM, was held Saturday Feb 6, 2021.  Further information, including notes from the Threshing Session, can be found here.


  • The Secretariat Clerk has finished scanning PacYM minutes from 1969 through 2000.  This means that nearly all PacYM minutes since its founding in 1947 are now available for browsing on the PacYM Minutes page.  We’re still working to fill the few remaining gaps.  (11/24/2020)
  • Pacific Yearly Meeting is accepting applications to fill the full-time salaried position of Youth Programs Coordinator. The role of the Youth Programs Coordinator is to enhance the spiritual development and nurture of youth and intergenerational community within the Yearly Meeting. The job description and application process are posted on our website here. The position will remain open until filled, however priority will be given to applications received by January 20, 2021. (12/04/20)
  • ANNUAL SESSION 2020 took place online, July 10-15, 2020.  All information about the session can be found on the AS 2020 Information Page.
  • Young Adult Friends (YAFs) have applied for and received a grant from the PacYM Youth Programs Fund (Vogel Endowment) that seeks to empower all community members and provide various forms of assistance to those in need through a yearly meeting wide Mutual Aid Project. More information on how you or your meeting can get involved is listed here. (April/May, 2020)
  • The Faith and Practice Revision Committee asks Monthly Meetings and other entities of the Yearly Meeting to review and provide feedback by June 30, 2020, on a draft revision of the section on “Death in the Meeting“. (5/4/2020)
  • The Website Team is experimenting with a new menu structure and other ways to make things easier to find on the website.  Please check out the new menus and send us your comments.  (4/16/2020)
  • RepCom 2020 (Representative Committee 2020) met March 6-8, 2020, in Visalia, CA.  Minutes of the meeting are now posted.  A resulting updated Roster of PYM Officeholders is also now available. (4/8/2020)
  • Secretariat: Progress is being made toward scanning historical meeting minutes of PYM and making them available on the PYM Minutes page.  Most minutes for 1947-1981 are now posted, with gaps in the 1960’s. (4/8/2020)
  • The Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) Javaughn Fernanders will be leaving the position. Her last day at work was February 21, 2020. The Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC) will continue to respond to the YPC email address for any concerns or needs after her departure. Please continue to use for inquiries related to the Youth Programs of Pacific Yearly Meeting.


  • An updated Roster of PYM Officeholders for 2019-2020, current as of 11/14/2019, was posted on the Nominating Committee page.
  • Pacific Yearly Meeting is now affiliated with Friends General Conference.   See Clerk Sandy Kewman’s announcement for more details.
  • ANNUAL SESSION 2019 took place July 12-17, 2019, at Walker Creek Ranch.
  • The Youth Programs Coordinating Committee introduces the new Youth Programs Coordinator, Javaughn Fernanders.
  • Secretariat:  A complete list of all PYM Minutes of Action since 2001 is available on the PYM Minutes page.  Full minutes are also available for each of those years. Minutes for the first 11 years of PYM (1947-1957) have been added.
  • The Latin American Concerns Committee calls your attention to two  upcoming opportunities to engage with Friends projects related to Latin America.
  • San Mateo Worship Group, recently formed under the care of Palo Alto Meeting, is going strong.  They meet on 1st and 3rd First Days.  They welcome all seekers, including those new to Quaker worship, to join them.  See their website for details.