Reimbursement Policies & Forms

Pacific Yearly Meeting Travel Expense Reimbursement Policies
Revised and accepted at the 2014 Sessions of Representative Committee
Texts removed “(…)” are not currently relevant in May 2024.

Summary of the Pacific Yearly Meeting Travel Eexpense Reimbursement Policy
(Find the full text of the policy in the folder below.)

  1. General
    • Travel expenses are reimbursed at 25¢ per mile for round trip road atlas mileage between the member’s Home Meeting and the location of the Meeting being attended or actual expenses up to $.25 per mile. Round trip travel from Mexico and Hawaii is reimbursed up to $600.
  2. Officers
  3. Committee Clerks
  4. Committee Members
  5. Representatives or Delegates to Quaker Organizations
  6. Meeting Representatives to Pacific Yearly Meeting
  7. 1. General
    Travel expenses of officers, clerks, and committee members are reimbursed 25¢ per mile for round trip road atlas mileage between the member’s Home Meeting and the location of the Meeting being attended or actual expenses up to $.25 per mile. Round trip travel from Mexico (…) and Hawaii is reimbursed up to $600. Members are encouraged to reduce costs by taking advantage of special bargain rates (early reservation, two for one, special offers, etc.). No reimbursement for less than $5.00 will be made without a specific request. Members who choose to commute daily to a meeting that takes place over more than one day will be reimbursed for only one round trip.
    The Treasurer(s) ordinarily pay(s) for travel and committee expense after bills have been submitted and reimbursement requested. If expenses need to be prepaid, please communicate this request, in writing, to the Treasurer(s), describing requirements.
    The Treasurer(s) are not permitted to make reimbursements that fall outside of these guidelines. If it is anticipated that it is necessary and desirable to incur expenses that do not fall within the guidelines (…), it is essential that these anticipated expenditures be communicated to the Clerk of the Pacific Yearly Meeting Finance Committee for recommendation to and action by Representative Committee BEFORE any expenditure is made.
    In some instances there are reserve funds in addition to the annual budget allocation. These are found on page 3 of the Financial Report or may be ascertained by contacting the Pacific Yearly Meeting Treasurer. Also, the Presiding Clerk has available a limited amount of discretionary funding that may be used, upon the Presiding Clerk’s approval, for unusual needs.

2. Reimbursement of Committee Supplemental Expenses
Allowed expenses that do not fall within the Guidelines of PYM Officer and Committee Expenditures , e.g., travel costs over the PYM mileage rate, but which create a hardship in attending committee meetings will be reimbursed upon the approval of the Committee Clerk. These funds are budgeted under “Committee Supplemental Expenses,” and their use is not charged against the committee budget.

3. Pacific Yearly Meeting Officers and Committee Clerks Traveling to (…) the Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session
Also see item 1 above and note that only committee clerks are covered. (…) Travel reimbursement is sent after attendance at the meeting unless a special request is made to the Treasurer for a travel advance.
If there are Co‑Clerks, only one will be reimbursed for travel (…) If both find it important to attend, they may choose to split the travel subsidy.

4. PYM Committee Members Traveling to Committee Meetings Other than at the Annual PYM Session
See 1 and 2 above and note that committee meetings an at annual session are not covered. These expenses are charged against the Committee Budget and must be approved by the Committee Clerk before being forwarded to the Treasurer(s) for reimbursement. The Committee Clerk must send the Treasurer(s) an attendance list with the travel reimbursement requests noted, together with mailing addresses of attending members and any available travel receipts within 90 days after the Committee Meeting. This list should be signed by the Committee Clerk. Please use the form provided for this purpose.
Committee Members appointed by PYM who are not members of PYM (attenders, members or attenders at other Yearly Meetings) are included under these guidelines.

5. Monthly Meeting Representatives Traveling to Representative Committee at Midyear and at the PYM Annual Session
See 1 and 2 above. PYM provides the expense of sending meetings’ representatives to Representative Committee from the budget for “Travel to Representative Committee”. Representatives will need to alert the Treasurer(s) that they are their meeting’s representative and document their travel expenses. The Treasurers will then send a check directly to the representative for the smaller of (1) the actual expenses or (2) reimbursement rates and amounts set out in item 1 above. Meetings’ representatives may apply to the PYM Treasurer(s) for a travel advance, if needed.
Preparative Meetings send a Representative to the PYM Annual Session but not to the Midyear Representative Committee Meeting.
Mexico City Monthly Meeting may send two Representatives per year to Representative Committee, or to PYM Annual Session, or both, as Mexico City Monthly Meeting may discern.

6. PYM Fraternal Delegates or Liaisons Traveling to Other Conferences or Meetings
Travel and other expenses (registration, room & board, etc.) are reimbursed up to the total amount in the annual budget allocation. If more than one person is attending a designated conference or meeting, it is the responsibility of the Convener to obtain an agreement as to how the available funds are to be allocated among the several persons and to inform the Treasurer(s) of this agreement in a timely manner. See also Reimbursement Request for Expenses of Fraternal Delegates or Liaisons Appointed by PYM to Attend Other Conferences or Meetings

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