Reports Submitted to Annual Session 2023

All reports and documents received for Annual Session 2023 will be posted here. 

Reports are due: Saturday, July 1st

Guidelines for Preparing Reports

PacYM Committees, Officers and Representatives to outside organizations are asked to prepare written reports in advance of Annual Session. If you have any questions about writing a report to Annual Session 2023, contact Heather (

Please be aware that attenders at Annual Session are being asked to read many reports, and keep your report as concise as possible, under two pages (or 800 words) unless more is absolutely necessary. The Assistant to the Clerk will retain the right to edit longer reports.

Your report needs minimally to contain the name of your committee or organization, your name, and the name of any committee members working with you. Items for the consideration of the body at the PacYM Annual Session needed to have been raised first at RepCom earlier this year and should be included in your report. Contact Laura ( to request plenary time at Annual Session.

Please submit your report in Word, or similar, format to Heather (