Search the PYM Website

Some experimental tools to help you find what you’re looking for on the Pacific Yearly Meeting website. Let us know what you think of these tools. Send your feedback and suggestions to the Website Editors:

Site Search using Google

Do a Google search on the PYM website using keywords:

Note: Hosting this customized Google search capability on the PYM website is still experimental. There are lots of “bells and whistles” that we have yet to explore that will let us adjust the layout and search parameters. Stay tuned. And send us your feedback or suggestions.

Document Index

This is also experimental. We’ve built an index (not nearly as sophisticated as Google’s) of all the “media documents” (mostly PDF files) on the website based solely on their file names. If a document was given a reasonably descriptive file name, you may be able to find it using this “Document Index”:

PYM-Website-Document-Index (Prototype)