Website Content Styleguide

This document is intended to serve as a reference when creating/reviewing content for any Pacific Yearly Meeting website, such as the primary domain, registration microsite, etc. The document is divided into general sections for guiding principles for effective and friendly website content.


Be friendly in tone. Treat visitors cordially and with respect.

  • Don’t use exclamation marks to make a point
  • Don’t use condescending tone or words


Be brief and to-the-point.

  • Consider that readers lose interest and focus quickly
  • Consider the importance of other content on pages
  • Check the word count and try to use as few words as possible


Be broadly relevant, offering opportunity to explore more specific details.

  • Don’t overload a page with every possible detail
  • Create links to other pages and documents that only specific visitors would find relevant


Use emphasis sparingly and appropriately.

  • Don’t misuse headers to increase font size, they have a semantic purpose
  • Use bold text to make important words or phrases stand out.