Sessions of the Representative Committee (RepCom)


Pacific Yearly Meeting (PacYM) Officers and Committee Clerks are members of Representative Committee, along with one designated representative from each Monthly Meeting, the Clerks of College Park and Southern California Quarterly Meetings, and the immediate past Clerk of the Yearly Meeting. But, you don’t need to be the representative for your Monthly Meeting or serving the Yearly Meeting in any particular role to attend. All Friends with interest in the business of Pacific Yearly Meeting are invited to RepCom.

Representative Committee meets once a year (over two Saturdays) to:

– conduct any pressing business that requires the discernment of the Yearly Meeting body
– conduct business pertaining to the holding of Annual Session
– address financial items, such as the Treasurer’s report for the previous fiscal year, changes to the budget for the current year, and the budget for Annual Session
– consider nominations made by Nominating Committee since Annual Session and approve these nominations when so guided
– confirm interim appointments
– name the Naming Committee, which proposes the names of Friends to serve on the Nominating Committee

Any business that PacYM committees, officers or representatives to outside organizations intend to bring to Annual Session must be brought to RepCom for a “first reading”. Additionally, PacYM committees that would like to propose an interest group session for Annual Session must submit their proposals before the rise of RepCom.

PacYM Committees, the Treasurers and others, prepare and submit reports in advance of RepCom.

For more information about Meeting Representatives and Representative Committee, see page 175 of the 2001 edition of Faith & Practice.

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