Youth Fund Grants


We take applications year-round. The YPCC will do its best to have funding decisions and responses within a month following the returned application. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Youth Fund supports projects or activities that develop the Pacific Yearly Meeting (PacYM) community to support youth, develop Quaker youth in community, develop Quaker youth as individuals, and/or strengthen Quaker faith and practice in PacYM’s intergenerational community.

The Youth Fund is administered by the PacYM Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC). The money for this fund comes from interest earned on the Bob Vogel Endowment, and additional donations.

Grant Application Fill it out and submit to the YPCC Clerk

  1. Camperships- for Quaker Camp Apply for a campership!   
  2. Short Form- smaller funding requests (generally for travel, registration, lodging, or augmentations to a scholarship fund) Apply using Short From 
  3. For larger requests(generally for a complex project, or a large group trip), please fill out the Application Form & Policy for the YP Fund (of the Vogel Endowment) – version 7/8/18 (PDF)
    • Read the full application and policy. Copy/paste or type ALL of the application questions into a new document and email the completed application to the Youth Programs Coordinating Committee: pym-ypc[at]  One or two pages should suffice.

In addition to financial support, the YPCC offers non-monetary support, such as consultation, outreach, resources, and referrals.


Chosen projects are clearly aligned with the funding goals below, with all questions answered satisfactorily.

  • Develop the PacYM community to support youth
  • Develop Quaker youth in community
  • Develop Quaker youth as individuals
  • Strengthen Quaker faith and practice in PacYM’s intergenerational community
    • The YPCC accepts applications from individuals and organizations.
      • Having a fiscal sponsor to receive and manage the grant and provide oversight and accountability is welcome and encouraged. For certain projects, we may require a fiscal sponsor. Please ask us in advance.
      • Applications for group activities should be clear as to whether the event is open to anyone who is interested or to a select group. Preference is given to applications for activities that are open, welcoming, and inclusive within the stated goals of the fund.
    • The YPCC also occasionally initiates its own internal projects or acts as a co-sponsor.
    • The YPCC generally focuses these funds on on new programs, new outreach, new connections, and novel experiments rather than being a long-term funding source for ongoing programs. The YP Fund is not intended as a substitute for Meeting or other institutional fundraising or general operating expenses.
      • For projects that the YPCC sponsors or co-sponsors, seed funding may continue, at the discretion of the YPCC, until such time as the project can flourish on its own.
    • Although the YP Fund usually funds Quaker-specific activities, YPCC will consider funding other leadings, including social/environmental actions that are in alignment with Friends’ values and our expanded Goals & Objectives document.
    • We especially invite proposals by young Friends who have some kind of spiritual anchoring support in place and who are willing to report back to YPCC/PacYM/their Meeting; support can range from being connected with a small group of 2+ Friends to having a formal support or anchor committee. The YPCC is available to help applicants find such support and connection to others.
      • The YPCC and Ministry Committee will determine how such a leading might interrelate with the PacYM Leadings Fund that is under the care of Ministry Committee.


YP Fund Reports:

Bob Vogel Endowment Reports:

Interest from the Bob Vogel Endowment is deposited into the YP Fund by the Treasurer twice a year (June and December) for use at the full discretion of the YPCC. The endowment is invested in the Friends Fiduciary Quaker Green Fund and managed by PacYM’s Finance Committee on behalf of the YPCC. Reports on the Bob Vogel Endowment are included in the PacYM Treasurer’s Reports to to PacYM Annual Session and Representative Committee.


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