Youth in PYM

Youth events calendar

Family field trips for 2023 will be coming soon.

The “Youth” section of this site provides information about the various youth programs: Children’s Program (0-12), Junior Yearly Meeting (12-17), Young Adult Friends (18-35), as well as Quaker camps, workshops, and more.

The PacYM Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) Keenan Lorenzato & Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC) serve as a resource to the other committees and programs of our Yearly, Quarterly, and local Meetings, Worship Groups, and Quaker organizations.

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Youth Fund Grants

The Youth Fund Grant program supports youth lead Quaker events across the yearly meeting.

Children            Teens             Adults

Summer Camps 

Quaker Center Camp

A small sleepaway camp in the redwoods for ages 9-14 that teaches some basic elements of Quakerism in a campy style. A perfect place for kids to dip a toe into a welcoming and friendly community.


Camp Woolman

A classic American summer camp experience that takes place at Sierra Friends Center. Ages 9-14 and 15-16.

Mountain Friends Camp (New Mexico, Intermountain YM) 

Intergenerational Work Camp

A volunteer run family service focused camp at the heart of PacYM’s quaker events at Ben Lomond Quaker Center.

Schools & Educational Programs

There are some Friends schools that began as Quaker institutions but grew into their own identities. We include them here as Quaker adjacent entities, as they are not operated in exclusively Quaker processes or tied to monthly, quarterly or yearly meetings.

San Francisco Friends School 

Friends Western School 

Various programs at Woolman