JYM Teens

Many Quaker teens find that there are too few of them in their monthly meeting to make Sundays that fun. We offer Quarterly events as well as camps, trips, and one off events that take place through out the year. Mostly these events are organized by committees with adults and teens of our community. The largest Quaker teen gathering is Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) which takes place at Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Annual Session. This year it’s at Mount Madonna Yoga & Retreat Center in Santa Cruz county July 21-26.

What is JYM?

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) is composed of Friends of junior high and high school age 13-18. They operate as a simultaneous yearly meeting within PYM.  In keeping with Friends’ practices, JYM selects officers and committees as needed, holds business meeting, and approves minutes as needed.

JYM is youth run and fully led by the teens with logistical support from adults and the Youth Programs Coordinator.  The current c0-clerks for 2023 are Ash Glazier and Linus Hartigan.

Adults are present in the JYM community as Friendly Responsible Adult Presences (FRAPs) to ensure a safe and fun gathering, and provide technical or spiritual support when welcomed.

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FAQs for JYM

At Annual Session, 13-year olds have the choice of joining Children’s Program or JYM. Young adults ages 18 are welcome in JYM if they are still in high school or just recently exited high school. Any requests for exceptions to this age guideline must be received by the requested program’s committee clerks at least 6 weeks prior to the event; the ultimate decision whether to accept a younger child into JYM will be made though a discernment process by a JYM subcommittee drawn from the JYM adult and teen clerks.

There are activities at annual session that middle schoolers and JYM do together to prepare for a transition to JYM from Children’s Program. If you have questions, please read the transitions policy document and contact the clerks of these committees to determine the best program fit for a particular Friend.

Note: Minors may attend without their parent/guardian if they have a Sponsor on their Consent Form for the event. When minors are not in JYM or Children’s Program (such as at meal times), they must be under the supervision of their parent/guardian/sponsor.