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YAFs at 2017 Annual Session – Walker Creek Ranch

Young Adult Friends (YAFs) are an affinity group typically ages 18-35. We organize events throughout the year as well as some YAF activities within during Annual Sessions. Many of us are active in the wider Yearly Meeting, and Friends organizations.


Wilderness Trips – Happening May – July. Register here!

Western Young Friends New Years Gathering; a 5 day retreat

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About PacYM Young Adult Friends

Young Adult Friends experience Yearly Meeting as a unique opportunity to come together in fellowship and worship, giving one another emotional and spiritual support. Though many Young Adult Friends participate in other Quaker activities, Yearly Meeting is an important experience for Friends in transition from youth into adulthood. The weeklong gathering gives them time to build community both socially and spiritually.

YAFs at 2016 Annual Session – Walker Creek Ranch Science Museum

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Private Facebook Groups for YAFs throughout PacYM:
PacYM Young Adult Friends
Los Angeles Area Young Adult Friends
Bay Area Young Adult Friends
Western Young Friends New Year’s Gathering

Worldwide public group:
Young Adult Friends (Quakers)

Email listserv(s): If you want to be part of our listserv(s), email with your geographic region and ask to be put on.

Clerks: We decided not to have clerks or any appointed positions as of July 2017 as a way of more greatly incorporating ourselves into the general yearly meeting. See YAF Clerks’ Report to Annual Session 2017


Western Young Friends New Year’s Gathering, December 28-January 2 every year. All ages welcome. Alternates between Southern Oregon and NorCal. Not an official PacYM event, it was founded in 1975 by young people from Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings when PacYM split into three smaller  yearly meetings. While there is no formal tie to other Quaker bodies, WYFNYG has many participants who are members, attenders, or former children of Friends Meetings.


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