Young Adult Friends

Young Adult Friends (YAFs) are an affinity group typically ages 18-35ish (and older). We organize events throughout the year as well as some YAF activities within the PYM annual session. We are not a ‘committee,’ but we have co-clerks and committees as a group, and many of us are active in the larger PYM.

YAF Alternatives to Violence Project Basic Workshop -- March 2015
YAF Alternatives to Violence Project Basic Workshop — March 2015


Last Year’s Fun Events

  • YAFs at PYM Annual Sessions
    • 2017 schedule is in the works. YAFs have some affinity group time and otherwise participate in the greater PYM activities, such as worship sharing, worship, PYM business, committee work, and general community fun. Many of us volunteer in the children’s and teen programs (and get our registration fees paid by volunteering!).
    • Archives:
      • 2015 YAF Schedule mostly overlapped with the adult schedule, had some YAF affinity group time in the evenings, and also included some activities with the JYM (teen) and children’s programs.
      • 2014

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YAF Documents

“Young [Adult] Friends experience Yearly Meeting as a unique opportunity to come together in fellowship and worship, giving one another emotional and spiritual support. Though many Young [Adult] Friends participate in other Quaker activities, Yearly Meeting is an important experience for Friends in transition from youth into adulthood. The weeklong gathering gives them time to build community both socially and spiritually.

“Young [Adult] Friends hold their own Business Meetings to seek the leadings of the Light, build leadership, and encourage awareness of Quaker practice. They strive to be involved in the greater PYM community, including the Junior Yearly Meeting and children’s program. Young [Adult] Friends learn and grow from the patterns of their traditions and examples of their elders and peers.”
(From PYM Faith & Practice, p. 171)


PYM YAF Officers – 2016-2017


  • Rebekah Percy (La Jolla)
  • JT Dorr-Bremme (Orange Grove / Mexico City)