Young Adult Friends

YAFs at 2016 Annual Session – Walker Creek Ranch Science Museum

Young Adult Friends (YAFs) are an affinity group typically ages 18-35ish (and older). We organize events throughout the year as well as some YAF activities within the PYM annual session. Many of us are active in the wider PYM.

Stay in Touch!

Facebook Groups:
PYM Young Adult Friends – private group for YAFs throughout PYM
Young Adult Friends (Quakers) – worldwide public group

Email listserv: If you want to be part of our listserv, email pacym.yafclerks[at]

Clerks: We decided not to have clerks or any appointed positions as of July 2017. See YAF Clerks’ Report to Annual Session 2017

YAFs at PYM Annual Session

  • YAF Retreat Before Annual Session. 2019 TBD. Usually Wed-Fri before AS at Redwood Forest Friends Meetinghouse in Santa Rosa, CA, USA.
  • PYM Annual Session, July 12-17, 2019: Register by the deadline to avoid the late fee. [Registration opens in April/May] 
  • Schedule for Annual Session: YAFs have some informal affinity group time and otherwise participate in the greater PYM activities, such as worship sharing, worship, business plenaries, committee work, and general community fun. There is a mixed-gender YAF dorm option. Many of us volunteer in the children’s and teen programs (and get our registration fees paid by volunteering!). See PYM Annual Session Info Page.

Financial Assistance to Attend

  • Need financial assistance for registration for Annual Session? Ask your Meeting! Ask PYM! Apply through the regular financial assistance form for Annual Session. Please note that the request form due far in advance and requires going through your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group first. Start asap!
  • For travel assistance, ask your Meeting first (if you have one), then the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator
  • Volunteer and come for free: Be a “Friendly Responsible Adult Presence (FRAP)” for Junior Yearly Meeting or a Teacher for Children’s Program: to apply, see the Adult Allies to Youth / Youth Workers pageRegistration fees for Annual Session are waived for FRAPs and Teachers. Applications due in May. (After the deadline: feel free to ask the program’s clerk if they are still seeking applications.)

Other Events

Western Young Friends New Year’s Gathering, December 28-January 2 every year. All ages welcome. Alternates between Southern Oregon and NorCal. Not an official PYM event, it was founded in 1975 by young people from Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings when PYM split into three smaller  yearly meetings. While there is no formal tie to other Quaker bodies, WYFNYG has many participants who are members, attenders, or former children of Friends Meetings.

Past Fun Events (Archive)
YAF Alternatives to Violence Project Basic Workshop — March 2015

 Annual Session YAF Archive

Important Reading

More about PYM Young Adult Friends

“Young [Adult] Friends experience Yearly Meeting as a unique opportunity to come together in fellowship and worship, giving one another emotional and spiritual support. Though many Young [Adult] Friends participate in other Quaker activities, Yearly Meeting is an important experience for Friends in transition from youth into adulthood. The weeklong gathering gives them time to build community both socially and spiritually.

“Young [Adult] Friends hold their own Business Meetings to seek the leadings of the Light, build leadership, and encourage awareness of Quaker practice. They strive to be involved in the greater PYM community, including the Junior Yearly Meeting and children’s program. Young [Adult] Friends learn and grow from the patterns of their traditions and examples of their elders and peers.”
(From PYM Faith & Practice, p. 171)

Job Description

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Contact Information

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