Adult Allies to Youth / Youth Workers

So you’re wondering how to connect with youth or considering serving as a youth worker in PYMWelcome!

Check out the sections below for ways to grow your skills and get involved: Roles & Service Opportunities, Workshops, Resource Materials, and Queries to Consider.

Roles & Service Opportunities

1) Children’s Program is looking for Teachers for PYM Annual Session:
– Announcement
Application & Information Packet for Youth Workers (Word Doc): Due by May 20th, 2017 (rolling deadline) After the deadline: feel free to ask the program’s clerk if they are still seeking applications
– See the Children’s Program page and Resources Section below for more info.
– Job descriptions for CP Teachers and the CP Coordinator
– Archive: 2016

2) JYM invites applications to be a Friendly Responsible Adult Presence (FRAP) at PYM Annual Session:
– Announcement
Application & Information Packet for Youth Workers (Word Doc): Due by May 20th, 2017 (rolling deadline) After the deadline: feel free to ask the program’s clerk if they are still seeking applications
– See the JYM page and Resources section below for more info.
– “Expectations for FRAPs” (PDF)
– “Consider Being a FAP for JYM: What does a FAP do?” (PDF, 2014 version)
– Archive: 2016

3) Quarterly Meetings: To serve as a FRAP or children’s program teacher for a quarterly meeting, contact the SCQM or CPQM teen or children’s programs directly.

4) Camp Staff: Staff is periodically needed for camps and other events at our Quaker organizations, such as Ben Lomond Quaker Center, Camp Woolman/Sierra Friends Center, and Quaker Oaks Farm, among others.

Prepare to be a PYM Youth Worker

  • Read:  All the resource materials in the Resource Materials section below.
    • Jot down any questions you have and ask the Children’s Program Coordinator or Clerk, the JYM teen clerks, a teen in your Meeting, an adult JYM Committee member, the Youth Programs Coordinator, or another FRAP or Teacher.
  • Consider the queries for adult allies below.
  • Get oriented!
    • Take a “Becoming Adult Allies to Youth” workshop if you can.
    • Friday, July 14th at Walker Creek Ranch (TBD-afternoon): Orientation Meeting. Mandatory for all of this year’s Teachers, FRAPs, teen and children’s committee members, and youth leaders. Followed by meeting with Parents/Guardians/Sponsors.


“Becoming Adult Allies to Youth”
Please check back for future dates and locations. 
See full description and download flier from this link. If your Meeting or Worship Group would like to host one of these workshops, contact the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator.


What is a “Youth Worker” or an “Adult Ally to Youth”?

There are many ways for adults to act as allies to young people. How many can you come up with?

For example: remembering the names of the children in your Meeting and greeting them individually. Or making sure that engaging childcare or children and teen activities are available at Meeting sponsored events so that parents can have some adult time while knowing their children are getting their needs met, too. How about involving middle schoolers, teens, young adults, and adult allies in planning fun, spiritually deepening activities together for the Meeting?

A spiritually-alive, inclusive, multi-generational community is the kind of place that’s attractive to newcomers and keeps us all coming back!

One continuing need is for willing adults to serve as Friendly Responsible Adult Presences (FRAPs) –Quakerly chaperons– at our teen events, and as Teachers for the Children’s Programs at Yearly and Quarterly Meetings.

Youth workers in PYM include all volunteers, employees, and/or contractors who work with youth at PYM events.

Resource Materials


Some Queries to Consider

  • Think of a time when someone acted as an ally to you, or a time when you wish you had had an ally. What was that like for you? What worked well and what would you change? What needs were or weren’t met?
  • Think of a time when you acted as an ally for someone else. What motivated you? What happened? What feedback or reaction did you get? What would you do the same and/or differently in the future?
  • Think or feel back to when you were a teen. What was your experience of relating to adults at that time? If you had an adult in your teen years who made a positive impact for you (either long term or for a one-time-event), what were their personal qualities and ways of interacting?