Youth & Intergenerational Calendar

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2021 Calendar:
Youth and Intergenerational Activities in
Pacific YM and Beyond


Review our Minor Zoom Policy & contact our Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) at <> with answers to the prompts below. Please note that the YPC does not regularly check emails over the weekend.

  1. Committee name or group
  2. Date you want to meet. (Check our YPCC zoom calendar for likely availability.)
  3. One or two alternative dates for your meeting
  4. Start and stop time for meeting
  5. If this is to be a recurring meeting and, if so, how often it will recur

Please send your request at least a week in advance. Time slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and schedulers might not be available for a faster turn-around.


Please PRINT this page periodically to display at your Meeting.
If viewing this in print, you can see live weblinks at:

To SEARCH this page, use your browser’s “find” function and the keyword you’re looking for (e.g., camp, quarterly, annual session, repcom, jym, etc.).

To have EVENTS INCLUDED on the calendar, or if you need contact information for someone listed in this calendar (who is not listed on the Contact Us page), first try asking in your Meeting for copy of the QM directories, then ask the YPC.

For additional events, connections and more, please visit our social media and other resources page here.

Ongoing Virtual Events

For all virtual events, please email the YPC for the zoom login or phone number(s).

  • First Friday evenings (every other month): 7:00 – 10:00pm PDT: JYM Teen Zoom Hangouts. Upcoming dates: May 7; July 2 and September 3.

Summer 2021

  • July 23-28: Annual Sessions. Theme: Love and Justice:  Heeding the Spirit’s Power Within and Among Us. Clerks Call; schedule details to follow.

Spring 2021

  • May 14-16: CPQM Spring Gathering. Details to follow.
  • May 7: (7:00 – 10:00pm PST) JYM Teen Zoom Hangout.
  • April 24: SCQM Spring Gathering. Details to follow.


  • March 5: (7:00 – 10:00pm PST) JYM Teen Zoom Hangout.
  • March 6: Representative Committee Meeting including teen planning meeting for AS 2021.
  • March 14: (9:30am PST) Teen Discussion on Indigenous Rights & Quakerism. Hosted by San Fransisco Meeting.

Winter 2021


  • Feb. 20-21: The Quake that Rocked the Continent. Second continental-wide virtual event for middle schoolers and teens, organized by Friends General Conference, Illinois and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings. Registration required.
  • Feb. 19: YAF Worship Sharing & Check-In, organized by Western Friend New Years Gathering at 6:30pm PST.


  • Jan. 16: College Park Quarterly Meeting with the theme: Reweaving the Ties that Bind. Both the teen group and children will have their own programs, including a discussion hosted by the teens in the evening on creating an intentional, intergenerational community!


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