Resources & Funding for Youth and Intergenerational Activities

Resources & funding are available for PYM youth, and youth or intergenerational programs/projects/activities organized by PYM Friends, Meetings, Worship Groups, Committees, and Quaker Organizations!

PYM has a booklet on Leadings, “Faithfulness in Action,” to help 
 understand how to discern
 a leading 
 get support

Travel & Attendance Assistance, and Scholarships
  • Ask your Monthly Meeting, Worship Group, or Quarterly Meeting
    • SCQM Funds (ask the SCQM M&C)
    • CPQM Education Fund: for K-12 Quaker educational activities (ask the CPQM M&O)
  • PYM Annual Session Attendance Assistance Fund
  • Young Adult Friends Travel to Annual Session or Registration/Travel to Other Events (ask the Youth Programs Coordinator)
  • Ask the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator for help figuring out whom and how to ask
Youth Programs Fund of the Bob Vogel Endowment

Administered by the PYM Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC)Available for projects or activities that develop the PYM community to support youth, develop Quaker youth in community, develop Quaker youth as individuals, and/or strengthen Quaker faith and practice in PYM’s intergenerational community.

  • Not intended primarily for scholarships, or attendance or travel assistance. However, if other funding is not available, please apply.
  • The YPC Committee is focusing, with the funds available to it, on new programs, new outreach, new connections, and novel experiments rather than being a long-term funding source for ongoing programs. The YP Fund is not intended as a substitute for Meeting or other institutional fundraising or general operating expenses.
  • Although the YP Fund usually funds Quaker-specific activities, YPCC will consider funding other leadings, including social/environmental actions that are in alignment with the Youth Programs Coordinating Committee’s Goals and Objectives and Friends’ values. We especially invite proposals by young Friends who have some kind of spiritual anchoring support in place and who are willing to report back to YPCC/PYM/their Meeting; support can range from being connected with a small group of 2+ Friends to having a formal support or anchor committee. The YPC Committee is available to help applicants find such support and connection to others.
    • YPCC is in the process of discussing with M&O how this relates to the PYM Leadings Fund.


  • Application Form & Policy for YP Fund (of the Vogel Endowment) – version 7/8/18 (PDF)
    • Applications are due on or before March 20th, June 20th, September 20th and December 20th (near the equinoxes and solstices). Applications are welcome before the deadline, but the YPCC might not be able to respond any earlier than the established timeline (i.e., one month after the deadline).
    • Send completed applications (or requests for help doing the application) to the Youth Programs Coordinating Committee via the Coordinator <>.
    • The YPC Committee will do its best to have funding decisions and responses within a month following the application deadline.
  • Other non-monetary supports, such as consultation and outreach, are also available from the PYM Youth Programs Coordinating Committee.
Other PYM Funding Sources
  • See PYM Funding Page for information about:
    • Unity with Nature Committee Mini-Grants
    • Ministry & Oversight’s “Fund for Concerns”
  • See the Annual Session Information page for information about financial assistance for attending PYM Annual Session.
Resources from beyond Pacific YM
  • Lists on other Quaker websites potentially applicable to Pacific YM applicants:
  • The Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership: (for individuals) funds self-chosen projects which serve to nourish leadership among Quakers of all traditions and which have potential to make a contribution to our society and the betterment of humankind. Nominations due between October 1 and December 15.
  • Lyman Fund: supports individuals seeking to follow their deepest inward spiritual leading. Due March 15 and September 15.
  • Online fundraising pages / Crowdsourcing (such as